I also just started using Things 3 on my phone and laptop and it is also proving to be a good move. I purged so much data from the last 4 years over the weekend. Organization feels really good.


I can’t let this day go by without acknowledging my greatest creative inspiration. I can’t believe it has been 11 years.

IMG 2019

On this day 28 years ago, one of my best friends was born. The top photo was taken in 2009, we were ending our junior year in high school. That was the year we met and became friends. The bottom photo was taken during one of my visits to her house, with her kids and husband running around. I’m proud of the life she has built and look forward to being her friend while she accomplishes even more. Happy Birthday, Arely!

It’s crazy how this year father’s day lands on the day my grandfather passed away 19 years ago. Thinking of you, Dada.

IMG 2001

Hot and spicy stuffed peppers. I’m not eating carbs this week so there’s no rice in them. They still slap though.

Turns out the big grind bled into a new week, which isn’t the worst. I just don’t think I’m getting that break anytime soon. If it means I get to continue to making shit happen, then great.

The big grind is finally on pause for a few weeks. In the last 10 days I have rendered around 13 client videos and turned over an entire WordPress site from ground zero. Glad to be able to chill for a few.

I’ve had a few hours to process the How To Get Away with Murder series finale. All in all, I walked away only mad with one part of the ending. It’s not like I thought I would get everything. Otherwise, a really solid ending to a great show.

Been watching How To Get Away with Murder for the last 6 years. The series finale is airing in less than an hour. Having a virtual watch party with my best friend. I’m prepared to be disappointed by the ending, but I really hope I’m not. We’ll see.

My existence is proving to be less about letting life happen to me and more about happening to life. I’m learning to be comfortable with the fact that there are simply things that I don’t and won’t actually ever know. All I have is what’s in front of me - an opportunity to live a human experience and make that matter somehow.