Turns out the big grind bled into a new week, which isn’t the worst. I just don’t think I’m getting that break anytime soon. If it means I get to continue to making shit happen, then great.

The big grind is finally on pause for a few weeks. In the last 10 days I have rendered around 13 client videos and turned over an entire WordPress site from ground zero. Glad to be able to chill for a few.

I’ve had a few hours to process the How To Get Away with Murder series finale. All in all, I walked away only mad with one part of the ending. It’s not like I thought I would get everything. Otherwise, a really solid ending to a great show.

Been watching How To Get Away with Murder for the last 6 years. The series finale is airing in less than an hour. Having a virtual watch party with my best friend. I’m prepared to be disappointed by the ending, but I really hope I’m not. We’ll see.

My existence is proving to be less about letting life happen to me and more about happening to life. I’m learning to be comfortable with the fact that there are simply things that I don’t and won’t actually ever know. All I have is what’s in front of me - an opportunity to live a human experience and make that matter somehow.

IMG 1819

We can’t choose who our parents are when we’re born, but I’m damn glad this is the mama I got. Happy Mother’s Day 🖤💐

As if the days weren’t blending already. This is my second all-nighter this week to meet a deadline. At least I have coffee. ☕️


After 105 hours, across 16 days, Jupiterlux Island has a 3-star rating. K.K. Slider said he’s gonna pull up tomorrow. Needless to say, I’m pressed.

Finished the entire Community series this week. I’ve watched so many good shows in quarantine. Here are the ones I’ve completed so far:

Private Practice
The Good Place
Little Fires Everywhere
Naked and Afraid (2 Seasons)
Nailed It! (Season 4)
60 Days In (Season 5)

I wonder what I’ll discover next.

I’m exploring CBD products and got a chance to sample these gummy worms by budding brand Vibe High Cosmetics. Why am I shopping from a cosmetics company? The CEO, Tori is like family and I also do whatever the hell I want. She’s looking for new clients that want to sample her detox products. Give it a look and reach out to her.

I received six gummy worms and immediately ate two of them. I could tell by the after taste that it wasn’t just a regular Trolli. I liked that little hint of something else. After a little while I ate two more and soon after that I started to feel a satisfying sensation in my body, light and warm. It wasn’t an intense feeling, but it was definitely there. I ate the last two a few hours later and felt that same feeling, but less intense, which was to be expected.

That experience was enough to pique my interest, so I will be ordering a full batch so I can discover the benefits of continued use. Thanks for the sample, Tori.

IMG 1754

cross·talk (noun)


1. unwanted transfer of signals between communication channels.
2. casual conversation.

I love how my last name continues to help me name my projects.


As excited as I was to play this game, I didn’t expect to love it this much. It’s like I’ve rediscovered a part of myself that I didn’t know was lost to begin with. As passionate as I am about my work and making my dreams come true, I would like to stay connected with my inner child like this.


Being quarantined for all of these weeks has made me realize that being able to turn my passions into a job has essentially phased hobbies out of my life. The inevitable introspection that this new way of living has brought on reminded me how big of a fan I was of handheld gaming systems when I was younger.

For the last week, I have been relentlessly trying to get my hands on the infinitely sold-out Nintendo Switch console and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. By a stroke of pure luck, Best Buy very briefly had a Lite version of the console available and it arrived today. It feels just like it did in Spring 2003; I was 11 years old and just picked up my Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP from Toys ‘R Us to play Pokémon Sapphire for the first time.