I’m exploring CBD products and got a chance to sample these gummy worms by budding brand Vibe High Cosmetics. Why am I shopping from a cosmetics company? The CEO, Tori is like family and I also do whatever the hell I want. She’s looking for new clients that want to sample her detox products. Give it a look and reach out to her.

I received six gummy worms and immediately ate two of them. I could tell by the after taste that it wasn’t just a regular Trolli. I liked that little hint of something else. After a little while I ate two more and soon after that I started to feel a satisfying sensation in my body, light and warm. It wasn’t an intense feeling, but it was definitely there. I ate the last two a few hours later and felt that same feeling, but less intense, which was to be expected.

That experience was enough to pique my interest, so I will be ordering a full batch so I can discover the benefits of continued use. Thanks for the sample, Tori.

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